My Guest, Author Jane Davis

Layered Pages

Stephanie: Quite often I have writers who get in touch with me about Beta Readers. They want to know how useful they are, what using them involves and so on. After much thought I decided to start a Beta Readers Series on Layered Pages and have asked authors who use them to share their knowledge in the practice. Today with me is Jane Davis to answer a few of my questions pertaining to this subject.

Jane Davis

Do you use beta readers?

Jane: Beta readers are an essential part of my editorial process. I couldn’t do without them.

Stephanie: I know of a few authors who use beta readers for different phases of their manuscript. How many do you use and in what phase of your WIP do you require them?

Jane: I use a core of about twelve, all at the same stage. This comes when I have self-edited my manuscript…

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