The bloodied shirts of a dead king

Very interesting article from Anna Belfrage.


GIIA Gustav_II_of_SwedenThey found him in the aftermath of the Battle of Lützen, 382 years ago today. His looted body was naked except for the three knee length linen shirts he had worn as protection against the cold. What little hair he had left was stuck to his skull, covered in blood and gore. There, in the mud, lay Sweden’s hope, its most renowned warrior king. The man who had led the Protestant forces to repeated victories in the Thirty Years’ War, who had ridden with his army back and forth across the war-plagued Europe, would never again sit astride his favourite horse, Streiff. King Gustav II Adolf was dead, leaving a nation in shock. Who now to lead Sweden to future glory? Who to captain the victorious Swedish troops in Europe?

GIIA ytterstaskjortan one of the shirts GA died in

The king had been thoroughly killed. A bullet had punctured his lung, he…

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The Summer Queen by Elizabeth Chadwick

I have not had the pleasure of yet reading this new title from Elizabeth Chadwick, but I know her writing enough to trust this enthusiastic review from M.K. Tod. Will be reading the book soon. Join me.

A Writer of History

The Summer QueenWhen I began THE SUMMER QUEEN by Elizabeth Chadwick – a signed copy, I might add – I promised myself I would read it purely for pleasure rather than with pen in hand to take notes or mark passages for further examination. And I did just that. However, since my mind is still humming with the pleasure of Chadwick’s story, I thought I would use the top attributes of favourite historical fiction from the 2013 historical fiction survey to explain my enthusiasm for this novel.

(1) Feeling immersed in time and place – As a reader of historical novels, I expect to be transported to another world and in this case I was ready to dwell in the early 12th century the moment I opened The Summer Queen. In the very first chapter, descriptions of household activities, garments worn, food served and a pilgrimage to Compostela set the scene immediately. Ancient terms enter the text, dialogue reflects a time…

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The King’s Gift – This Week’s Treat from Untreed Reads

My favorite type of escape reading. Thanks, Kate Martyn for sharing your post.

Kate Martyn ... author

The King's Gift coverUntreed Reads is promoting  my book (published by Uncial Press) as part of their Treat of the Week promotion. Titles will be 50% off the normal price until November 1st.

Click on the link below to purchase this book, and see  more offers.

Here is the blurb:

Accomplished and fiercely independent Lady Eleanor de Tracy is ruthlessly seized as hostage by Sir Hugh Fitzwilliam, friend and loyal liegeman to King John I of England. A traitorous lineage is not all this mysterious lady conceals, and Hugh soon discovers that loyalty to his king may be the very thing that destroys any hope of ever knowing what lies beneath Eleanor’s stubborn evasions.
Hugh believes that a woman given to him as a chattel will never care for him, while Eleanor must undo her family’s disgrace before seeking her heart’s desire. Both are hostages to the past, driven by conflicting…

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